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In this tutorial we now have a Band 7 essay graded by an.

In this tutorial we now have a Band 7 essay graded by an.

First you are able to browse the essay, and directly after we break up which sentences helped this essay score a Band 7.

Each criteria happens to be considered in addition to sentence into the essay happens to be colour coded to correspond to the fours marking criteria used by the British Council / IELTS IDP.

This tutorial shall help you understand:

  • How an essay gets a Band 7
  • What sentence structures and language is needed for a Band 7
  • Ways to link ideas smoothly

At the present time, the people of some countries includes a comparatively multitude of young adults, compared to the number of older people. Perform some advantages for this situation outweigh the disadvantages?

It really is well known that some countries have a population with an increase of young adults than old people. Even buy essay this fact may have both benefits and drawbacks, for me the positive implications of experiencing a youthful population over-weigh the negative ones. This essay will discuss the pros and cons examples that are giving support both point of view.

On one hand, having more younger people may lead to a lack of professionals when you look at the society. Older population may be more educated compared to young one, this really is being why they have had more hours to review a career that is professional their lives. As an example, to be an expert physician it really is needed at the least a decade of university studies and this may possibly not be able for a adult that is young. In addition, younger population have less life experience than old population. People after their 50’s may have been through a complete lot in life and they may become more willing to solve any day-life problem than younger people. This could make it possible to form a less society that is stressful. Lastly, younger populations will likely have higher rate of crime, this may be because young people do have more energy to commit crime than old people. Continue reading

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